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Welcome to Vágar

Vágar, together with Mykines, is geographically the westernmost part of the Faroe Islands. The island has a broad variety of possibilities to explore the nature and its beauty. The attractions on Vágar are perhaps the best in the Faroe Islands. The country's two largest lakes – Sørvágsvatn and Fjallavatn – are to be found here. Here, as well as all around the Faroe Islands, landscape painting is very popular, first and foremost because of the nature, but more importantly be cause of the unique play of the colours of the water, air and nature. Travelling on your own, there is plenty to see in the amazing natural surroundings of Vágar. Walking trips are safe on the old paths, but other arranged trips are also an opportunity. Vágar is the best place for horsebackriding and diving.

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Successful experiments with new fish pump
In connection with the increased level of mackerel fishing in the Faroe Islands this year, some fishing vessels have trialled a new type of fish pump, which allows them to pump fish more quickly from the trawl into the shipload. The purpose of this innovation is to increase the quality of the fish, and based on the results of the first period of trials, it appears that this is working very well.

Vágur and WW2 - Museum
Museum on Vágsvegur 101, FO-900 Vágur. This is a small museum with a collection of ship models of the 9 ships from Vágur, which went missing during World War II. Some of them were bombed by German submarines, others had accidents and some of ships nobody knows what happened. The Faroe Islands lost many fishermen during the war period, these fishermen risked their lives by fishing with Faroese vessels and sailing the fish to Scotland.

Faroese evening at 62N airport hotel in Sørvágur
This summer there will be Faroese evening at 62N airport hotel Tuesday evening from pm. 18:00 to 21:00. Date of 26th June; 03.juli; ??10.juli; ??17 July and 24 July. Big faroese Buffet and exhibition of faroese dance

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